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An injured person may submit a claim for bodily injuries and if necessary pursue monetary damages in a civil action, legally known as a tort action. A "tort" is a civil wrong. Negligent torts arising from one’s carelessness may cause an accident and resultant injury to another person.

Multiple persons or parties may be responsible for an accident, and fault may be apportioned. In some instances, the victim may be partly at fault, but that does not necessarily mean that person is barred from making a recovery.

Some common claims include:

Auto and Boating Accidents
Motor vehicle, trucking, recreational vehicles, boating, and golf cart accidents are traumatic. We have extensive experience representing victims of these types of accidents. Negligent maintenance is often overlooked and requires expert analysis. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle, truck, or any equipment related accident of any kind, contact us as soon as possible to determine your rights.

Medical Malpractice or Negligence
Medical negligence results when a health care provider deviates from the accepted standard of care when rendering medical treatment by causing injury or death to a patient. This is troubling as we entrust our care to these professionals. Medical malpractice laws vary from state to state. A timely thorough screening and investigation of the facts is necessary to properly assess a case. Time is of the essence, so contact us to evaluate your case

Wrongful Death
Tragically, wrongful death occurs when one is killed due to the negligence of another. Unlike a personal injury case, where the injured person is the plaintiff, wrongful death actions generally are brought by family members and the estate of the deceased. The victim's surviving spouse, children, beneficiaries, or dependents are generally entitled to monetary damages that result from the victim's death. If you are concerned about the death of a loved one or friend, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Product Liability
Product liability claims occur as a consequence of defective products. These are complex cases. The nature of a product liability claim is dependent on the jurisdiction, the type of product, and the cause of the defect. Product defects result from negligent design, manufacturing, or inadequate warnings associated with the use of a product. Fault may rest on different parties ascending the supply chain up to the original manufacturer. A knowledgeable attorney should determine the appropriate wrongdoer(s) and type(s) of claim(s) that should be pursued. Preservation of the evidence and prompt investigation is crucial.

A landowner has a duty to provide safe premises. An injured person must prove that the owner of the premises caused a dangerous condition to exist, or knew of the dangerous condition and failed to timely correct it. Extensive analysis and investigation is required to properly assess these cases. The responsible party may not be limited to the property owner, and may include a tenant or property manager. Let us assist you in determining who is at fault. It is important to note that if your fall accident occurred on public property, most states require formal notice to the appropriate governmental entity within a short time period after the accident. It is best to contact us immediately to ensure your case is evaluated expeditiously.

Nursing Home Liability
As senior citizens become mentally and physically frail, they are vulnerable to falls and unnecessary injuries. Seniors across the United States are also being abused, often by people directly responsible for their care. More than half a million reports of abuse against elderly Americans reach authorities every year, and millions of additional incidents go unreported. Often only a family member or close friend is the only advocate for a victim. Find out what remedies are available if faced with these issues.

Personal Injury
Personal injury involves injury to an individual. This area of law allows an injured person to submit a claim and if necessary to sue in a private action called a civil action, known in the legal community as a tort action. A "tort" is a wrong against a person. Any accident or injury against a person can constitute a tort - whether it be carelessness from driving a car or through the use of a product or the negligence of a professional.

Different degrees of fault exist and several elements are necessary to prove in court in order to be successful against the wrongdoer or negligent party in a tort action. Also, more than one person or party may be at fault, and responsibility may be apportioned among all of the wrongdoers. In some instances, the victim may even be partly at fault for the tragedy but that does not necessarily mean the person does not have a right to bring a lawsuit.

Transportation Liability
Personal injury and wrongful death claims commonly occur in our transportation system that includes trains, planes, and ships. Millions of people are on the move everyday on our highways and waterways. Passengers and drivers are at great risk of being injured or even killed. Accidents may be caused by driver negligence, defective equipment, or faulty warning systems. People traveling in these vehicles, however, are not the only ones at risk of being injured or killed. Innocent bystanders, including pedestrians and bicyclists, are also killed each year. A thorough case analysis requires your obtaining a professional evaluation as soon as possible.

On the Job Injuries
Injuries that occur on the job or at work are governed by worker's compensation law. Often a second claim also may exist if the accident was caused by the negligence of another party. These two separate cases often result from company owned vehicles that are involved in motor vehicle accidents and in construction site accidents. These work-related accidents require immediate investigation.